At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Ferrovial Services presented a mobile app that aims to boost recycling organic waste among residents.

The mobile app, ‘Dugud,’ is still in the pilot phase and awards prizes to residents for earning points for good recycling practices. Residents will have an electronic key to put waste in containers, which will measure the amount of organic matter deposited. Through this process, a range of social and environmental projects that may be implemented in their respective neighborhoods or districts. As an added bonus, users will later be able to redeem points for different prizes, like museum tickets, cinemas, discounts on transit vouchers.

To date, a pilot version of the app has been installed in the municipality of Getxo, Bizkaia, and it is expected to be implemented in other municipalities where the company is in operation. This project is one of several initiatives launched by Ferrovial as part of the company’s commitment to environmental solutions that promote circular economy.  Recently, the company launched the digital platform ‘ReMAD’ in partnership with the Madrid City Council. This platform seeks to promote reusing secondhand objects through swapping at municipal recycling centers.