Clean Up Madison

Ferrovial Services teamed up with the Madison County, Florida community to promote litter awareness during the third annual Clean Up Madison event, held Feb. 29.

Starting at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, 10 employees from our Madison and Five County [Jefferson crews] projects drove a fleet of eight crew trucks to the Madison Project office to pick up extra pick-up sticks and garbage bags before gathering at the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center for the Clean Up kickoff. After getting their voluntary assignment from Madison Project Manager Russ Flowers, they took off to spend the next five hours monitoring their litter pick-up roadway areas.

This year’s Clean Up Madison event involved 25 teams of 175 Madison County residents, including city employees, students and staff from surrounding churches, organizations and businesses. These community volunteers picked up over 1.5 tons of litter that our crew trucks delivered to one of 13 containers supplied by Madison County Solid Waste and Recycling Department.  

Our employees participate on the Clean Up Madison Planning Committee every year, but this year Ferrovial Services took a lead roleMadison Project Administrator Brianna Johnson served as the contact person, mapping out areas and providing pick-up supplies to the teams, while also juggling her Madison and Georgia projects’ responsibilities.

“I want to commend Brianna and all our volunteer employees for the great job they did. Thanks in large part to them, we increased our team count by eight and the amount of litter picked up by half a ton from last year. That’s a tremendous increase.” – Mickie Salter, Infrastructure Communications Specialist

In addition to Mickie, Brianna and Russ, Madison County’s volunteers included Project Superintendent Robert Cook, Superintendent Ken Gallagher, Lead Technician Clint Minter and Technicians Juan Garcia and Randy Rye.

Five County’s Jefferson Crew included Superintendent Willie Bruton and Technicians Charles Ford, Rodney Wilson and Zach Andrews.

The Madison County Board of County Commissioners and Solid Waste and Recycling Department publicly thanked Ferrovial Services for its participation.