Ferrovial Services offers employees volunteer opportunities across the world. In addition to helping local communities, these experiences benefit the company and its employees.

“The impact on people you work with as a volunteer is huge. It is an enormously enriching experience and you…seek fresh opportunities to volunteer,” says Julio Bel, environmental services manager at Ferrovial Services, and a participant in various volunteer programs.

In Spain, Ferrovial Services conducts employability workshops for groups of people at risk of social exclusion by partnering with Fundación Integra, and it implements its Trade School initiative with the support of employee volunteers.

In Portugal, Ferrovial Serviços is involved in Animaia, a charity initiative held on World Children’s Day and World Environment Day. In this program, volunteers design, build and run workshops to teach children more sustainable attitudes.

“It’s a chance to share your knowledge; it’s enormously gratifying and at the same time you feel like it is you who is learning,” says Leandra Abreu, a Ferrovial Serviços volunteer for Animaia.

In the United Kingdom, Amey employees volunteer  one day a year in a local community project managed by a non-profit organization in support of a goal related to the environment, education or employment that is coherent with the company’s objectives.

In the U.S., Ferrovial Services participates in Florida Construction Career Days, a career fair event that takes place across Florida. Through the career center, learning labs and construction equipment demonstrations, volunteers inform high school students about professional options in infrastructure, and the careers linked to the company’s activities.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to share my passion for what I do with these young people who are just starting to think about their own careers,” says Fabio Álvarez, a Ferrovial Services North America project manager in Florida.