Ferrovial Services is committed to workplace safety wherever it operates. Amey, in the United Kingdom, and Broadspectrum, in Australia, each have a corporate program aimed at reducing workplace accidents to zero and improving employee well-being.

Safe for Life, safety for more than 14,000 employees in Australia and New Zealand

Broadspectrum’s Safe for Life program, involving more than 14,000 employees, focuses on improving aspects linked to health, safety and the environment for the company’s employees in Australia and New Zealand. The workplace health and safety program rests on four main pillars: visible felt leadership; effective communication; risk competency and control; and organizational and personal resilience. The basis of the program is communication and awareness, on the part of company leaders and the other members of the team. It also encourages responsibility and interaction between people, which can enhance certain aspects of life at work through effective communication. Safe for Life is very much about employees looking after themselves and each other, and the real reason to do that is in order to live life to the fullest.

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Zero Code, a code of conduct to reduce accidents in the United Kingdom

In the UK, Amey has implemented a workplace safety program called Zero Code, a code of conduct that highlights all the key measures that manual workers must take to protect themselves and others from any harm. This program is based on four key principles: ready to go, kitted out, stick to the plan, and stay alert. These four goals summarise group safety and accident prevention as a priority among employees. The idea is to nurture proper and safe behaviors, and it applies to everyone who works with and for Amey. Making a personal commitment to Zero Code contributes to achieving our Target Zero and greatly reducing the risk of workplace accidents at Amey.

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Other health and wellness programs implemented by Ferrovial Services

Ferrovial Services is committed to programs of this type wherever it operates. One example is Hasavi, the wellness program implemented by Ferrovial Services in Spain. Another is Amey’s 24-hour Assistance program in the UK, which includes personalized counseling on health and mental well-being. In Australia, Broadspectrum has initiatives such as Mental Health Check-In, under which over 700 employees have performed a mental health check-up.