When visiting the University of Alcalá de Henares, Fidel López Soria, CEO of Ferrovial Services, talked about the company’s energy efficiency contract with the University and his view of this industry in the context of Europe.

“Energy efficiency is a basic pillar of sustainability. We see it as supporting competitiveness, since we help our clients use their resources more efficiently, which means both monetary and energy savings.”

López continued to say it is vital to promote business models that encourage energy efficiency investment,  innovation and continuous improvement.

“All the players involved — by which I mean legislators, governments, private sector clients, consumers and energy services companies — have a fundamental role to play in achieving a rapid and significant reduction in energy consumption through innovation, investment and the production of more efficient goods and services.”

For the University of Alcalá project, Ferrovial Services installed over 50,000 LED lamps, both indoors and outdoors, for a total savings of nearly 40 million kilowatt hours over the term of the contract.

As a direct result, the University of Alcalá was the first in Spain to achieve ISO 50001 Certification for energy management, maintenance and efficiency improvement, as well as a certificate from the National Energy Council recognizing all the power the University consumes comes from renewable sources.