Ferrovial Services has established the Energy Control Center, a collaborative international workspace that centralizes energy management coupled with know-how from the company’s contracts. The Center conducts centralized management of facilities such as waste treatment plants, street lights, facilities and buildings.

The Center has been deployed in several countries where Ferrovial Services operates. In Australia, the Center works with institutions such as Austin Hospital, and in Spain it handles energy management of the Prince of Asturias Hospital of Alcalá de Henares and street lights in cities like Guadalajara and Águilas.

The Energy Control Center manages over 4,000 supply points and analyzes 316 GWh of energy via some 2,500 devices. In the first year, Ferrovial Services achieved energy savings of 4% at the facilities it manages by improving the performance of thermal power generators, detecting off-hours energy consumption, and organizing and controlling street lighting.

What the Energy Control Center does:

The Energy Control Center manages and projects energy consumption and costs, optimizes tariffs and contracted power, provides advice on energy contracts and managing risks linked to fluctuating energy prices, and tracks savings. It is being used in all the company’s Energy Services contracts, and in various facility management, treatment and sports services contracts. Its services may be offered to any customer potentially interested inbetter managing their energy consumption and costs.

Hefesto – software for enhancing energy efficiency

The center works with various kinds of software, including Hefesto, an energy management tool integrating remote metering devices with a Ferrovial Services database optimized for fast data processing and independent of the management system. Hefesto is able to connect any kind of device, and can handle large volumes of information quickly in a highly visual, user-friendly environment. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with the best energy management advice.