More than 3,000 students from 50 Central Florida high schools poured into the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando Jan. 31 – Feb. 1 to learn about careers in the construction industry.  Ferrovial Services employees stood ready to teach, guide, and answer questions about the infrastructure business at the 19th annual Central Florida Construction Career Days event.

“It was an honor and a privilege not taken lightly to be able to interact with today’s young minds,” says Osceola Project Superintendent Edward Valdes. “To be able to inspire and reach just one [student] is a great accomplishment and an investment in our own future that is priceless.”

Together with Osceola Project Manager Juan Diaz and Project Administrator Millie Valentin, Valdes set up an interactive learning lab that displayed proper Temporary Traffic Control [TTC] setup, incident management, and irrigation system operation and repairs. Ferrovial Services volunteers also talked to students about the importance of safe operation of arrow boards, bucket trucks and roadway signage.

This event was organized by transportation industry partners from the public and private sectors.  More than 90 sponsors created and led learning labs and equipment displays so students could operate machinery and equipment, learn about skilled construction careers, and practice their job interviewing skills.

[Photo: Osceola Project Superintendent Edward Valdes presents a learning lab to high school students at South Florida Construction Careers Days.]