Ferrovial Services North America successfully achieved renewal of its contract with Osceola County, Florida, extending the project to 2023. This marks FSNA’s third consecutive competitive contract renewal with Osceola County since 2002.

“Our historical success is due to the consistency of a group of dedicated staff members that has served Osceola County by providing the highest quality services to our surrounding clients at all times,” says Project Manager Juan Carlos Diaz. “We can also say with all sincerity that we have not had any client or public complaints during this entire time of service to Osceola County.”

The project team provides services on the West 192 BeautiVacation zone, also known as the “Gateway to Disney,” sustaining resort-style aesthetics consistent with the Disney properties. The area annually attracts more than 50 million people driving to Disney World.

“We can proudly state that as a team we have helped to enhance the image of the project by setting the highest standards for the proper maintenance of this Beautivacation Zone, located within the entrance to Disney World.”

The Osceola County Project includes street furniture painting, lighting maintenance, fertilizer management, herbicide and pesticide application, landscape maintenance, debris removal, irrigation, litter and graffiti removal, janitorial services, incident response, traffic management, and maintenance of decorative bus shelters, paved sidewalks and benches, and guide markers.

Although many companies competed for this contract, FSNA’s proposal offered unparalleled value.