ExxonMobil praises our Joliet, IL Timec Team

 ExxonMobil praises Rick Clark, Timec General Manager of Operations, Project Manager Mark Carlson and the Timec project team for an exceptional job at its Joliet, Illinois site.

When a previously-contracted company could not complete the work, Timec stepped in to fix the nozzle on time, saving ExxonMobil over $8 million of lost revenue. 

“I am proud of Mark, Robert and the entire team for performing this work safely and in the timeframe needed. Their performance once again delivered the quality of work our client expects and deserves,” Clark said.

 Letter of Thanks from ExxonMobil:


Thanks to you and your team, and particularly Robert McDowell, on the work Timec did for the ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery’s 18-D-11 aluminum nozzle replacement on our Sour Water Stripper. It was very impressive that Timec was able to make such a difficult weld within the timeframe necessary for the Refinery to maintain its current rates and to avoid effects on other units. The effort required a lot of MNHRS [manhours] on Robert’s part—working 16-hour days since last Saturday [October 17, 2020]. Also, given the challenges aluminum vessels present, maintaining a quality product at the end was a remarkable feat. Once again, I want to thank your team for delivering a quality project while accommodating the safety and timeliness required by ExxonMobil. We look forward to working with you on our upcoming Reformer 2021T/A [turnarounds]. 


William P. Walsh

ExxonMobil Corporation Joliet Refinery

T/A/Majors Superintendent

Timec employees who worked on the project:

    • Robert McDowell, Welder, Single Hand A (Combo NCCER) 1
    • Mark Carlson, Project Manager
    • Matt Moore, QA/QC Inspector, 1
    • Gilberto Quintanilla, Welder, Single Hand A (Combo NCCER) 1
    • Roberto Varvelo, Craft Foreman 2