Ferrovial Services devotes significant material and human resources to safety-related projects in all its geographies. To minimize occupational risks, the company has set a goal of zero accidents at work.

In addition to designing and implementing technology solutions, the company has implemented two programs: Stop Work Authority and Shout Out. Both programs give workers a referee-like authority to stop work if they believe their own safety or that of a co-worker is in danger. Employees carry a red or green card that enables them to stop a job they feel is unsafe.

Workers have the authority to stop a job in the following circumstances:

  • When work conditions are unsafe.
  • When a tool is defective.
  • When any worker lacks the necessary safety equipment or does not know how to perform the job in question.
  • When any of the workers have a physical or emotional problem that prevents him/her from doing the job properly.

Supervisors and workers understand safety is paramount in the workplace.