High Temperature Repair: The HRI Advantage

We work to a higher degree.

With more than 25 years of experience performing high-temperature work, HRI delivers critical repairs and implements preventative measures quickly and safely. We share our knowledge and consult with our customers to find the optimal process to solve each unique situation. By thinking outside the box, we provide innovative solutions and tangible results. HRI utilizes a proprietary thermal PPE system to provide repairs and inspections in environments ranging from 600-1,400F. They can perform most types of repair and maintenance work including NBIC-R stamp and can significantly reduce the critical path in turnaround schedules.

HRI has extensive experience servicing all areas within an oil refinery. Our clients depend on us to inspect, maintain, replace, and repair units under extreme conditions and to complete the job safely every time.

Patented Heat Safe System:
We can repair and perform maintenance on almost anything - more than 1,500 unique projects safely completed over the last 25 years.

Limitless Applications:
•Weld repair
•Blind installation/removal
•Furnace and boiler casings
•Soot blower repair and installation
•Leak sealing
•Mechanical repairs
•Refractory repair
•Pre T/A hot blinding
•Visual inspection
•Pre T/A lifting lug installation
•Pressure vessels
•High temperature piping
•Structural members
•Pre T/A hot equipment inspection




HRI can provide third-party consultations prior to and following turnarounds. These consultations may involve recommendations for inspections, or we can conduct various inspection services ourselves if requested. A consultant in these areas will help you determine:
WHICH HIGH-TEMPERATURE INSPECTION METHODS ARE BEST SUITED FOR THE GIVEN CONDITIONS: This ensures your inspections are performed as safely as possible while you continue to operate at optimum capacity. We also focus on protecting existing machinery and parent materials while getting the most detailed data possible on which to base repair decisions.

WHICH REPAIRS CAN AND SHOULD BE MADE BEFORE TURNAROUNDS BEGIN: Getting as many repairs and updates taken care of ahead of time means quick and successful turnarounds.

WHICH REPAIRS AND UPDATES SHOULD BE SLATED FOR YOUR UPCOMING TURNAROUND, AND WHICH CAN BE DELAYED: Categorizing your maintenance needs allows you to take care of the most critical and preventive matters first to avoid costly emergency repairs down the road.

When equipment problems arise, call HRI for optional repair solutions and recommendations. A repair consultation can often shorten your critical path and save you money by highlighting repair methods that take less time, require less or no power reduction, or are less intrusive.

Prior to inspections, HRI can serve as a consultant to determine which high-temperature inspection methods are best suites for the given conditions. This way, inspections are performed as safely as possible while you continue to operate at optimum capacity. our technicians also perform risk assessments to help you create immediate and long-term repair plans.

We can work with you to develop maintenance schedules along budgetary and time-frame guidelines. Aligning your schedules with budget considerations allows you to make the most necessary repairs and updates first, and then look to the future to coordinate preventive and maintenance measures throughout your facility.