SCR Units:  HRI has been called in to perform a significant amount of work on Selective Catalytic Reduction units so that plants can meet EPA mandates. SCR units must first be locked out and made safe for technicians to enter, but the boiler may continue to operate at full capacity throughout our maintenance and/or repairs. HRI technicians can remove test blocks, inspect the unit, and clean the unit by vacuuming fly ash off the catalyst blocks and screens to increase efficiency, all while the unit is operating in extreme-heat conditions. Test block removal, unit cleaning and unit inspections can be scheduled in advance or performed in emergency situations.

Precipitators:  When precipitator emissions levels rise too high, or efficiency levels drop too low, HRI can remove broken and ground-out electrodes and inspect the precipitator for other defects. HRI technicians perform maintenance and inspections after the precipitator has been locked out and made safe to enter, but the boiler may remain online while technicians work. Maintenance and inspection of the unit can typically be completed in a matter of hours, allowing you to reenergize bays and resume operations quickly at increased efficiency levels. HRI technicians can also perform video inspections of precipitators and make larger repairs as necessary.

Expansion Joints:  When expansion joints develop holes, rip out, or deteriorate from acid wear, the hot, noxious gases that escape from the connecting line make the immediate area hazardous for workers. Regardless of whether the expansion joint’s parent material is fabric or metallic, HRI can patch or replace damaged expansion joints while the units are still in complete operation.

Induction Draft and Forced Draft Fans:  HRI technicians are often called to rebalance ID and FD fans that are typically from 8 to 12 feet in diameter. Since these immense and heavy fans are balanced to the ounce for smoother spinning, HRI cuts or adds weights to a fan with precision. In the process of rebalancing, HRI technicians can also perform fan inspections and check housings for additional problems.

Other Areas

HRI also has experience delivering work on these areas:

  • Soot blowers
  • Ash hoppers and burners
  •  Ductwork
  • Dampers
  • Coal piping
  • Valves
  • Feed water heaters
  • Tube repairs