1. General Information

Responsible FERROVIAL, S.A.
Purpose Authorisation
User management and dealing with user requests
  • User’s consent
Register of Blog users, dealing with user requests, publication of comments and sending of communications
  • User’s consent
Sending of newsletters and/or alerts, which could contain commercial information
  • User’s consent
For Business Group companiesInternet users (Blog publications)
Rights Access to, correction and deletion of details, as well as other rights as explained under Additional Information
Additional Information See section on Additional Information for details on Data Protection

2. Additional Information

This Privacy Policy governs the treatment of information collected by FERROVIAL, S.A. (hereinafter the COMPANY) through the company’s Website, Blog or Mobile Application, although certain sections or forms may have specific regulations on treatment of information obtained through them. This Policy forms an integral part of our Legal Notice.

The User warrants that the information provided is true, correct, complete and up-to-date, and therefore assumes liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage that could occur as a result of non-compliance with this obligation.

If the information provided identifies a third party, the User expressly warrants that the said third party has been duly informed as to the purpose for providing such details to the COMPANY and has given authorisation therefor.

As for personal information requested through website forms, Users must provide, at a minimum, any details marked with an asterisk. If such compulsory information is not provided, the COMPANY will be unable to accept and process your request.

2.1 Who is responsible for the treatment of your personal details?

Address: C/Príncipe de Vergara 135, 28002 – Madrid.
Mail: digital@ferrovial.com
Data Protection Officer: dpd@ferrovial.com/ C/Príncipe de Vergara 135, 28002 de Madrid.

2.2 What do we use your personal details for?

Personal details collected through the Website, Blog or Mobile App will be kept on file by the COMPANY for the purpose of managing our User base and responding to requests or questions.

More specifically, the COMPANY may use your information for the following:

– User management, response to requests and consultations.

– Register of Blog users, enabling users to: save particular articles and return to read them later; publish comments, together with details provided therefor; and receive notifications of i) new posts, as per categories selected by the User therefor, and 2) new comments on posts which the User has commented on previously.

– Sending of newsletters and alerts through any channels, including by electronic means (such as email, web communications or communications via the App) on news and articles, activities, COMPANY or third-party events, competitions, etc. which may contain commercial information on products, services, offers or promotions in relation to activities carried out by FERROVIAL and/or the FERROVIAL Group. Ferrovial Group companies are all companies or entities having Ferrovial S.A. as its parent company for the purposes of Article 42 of the Commercial Code and, specifically, the companies listed in our most recent annual report and consolidated annual accounts published on the www.ferrovial.com website. The activities of Ferrovial Group companies are essentially: i) construction, ii) airport management, iii) highway and other road infrastructure management, and iv) services.

We likewise inform you regarding the treatment of information collected from Users of social networks accessed via the COMPANY corporate profiles for the purposes specified by each of such social networks, including for the purposes of analysis. Any competitions and/or promotions organised on such networks will be specifically regulated.

2.3 What other parties may your details be shared with?

The COMPANY hereby informs you that your details may be shared with the following:

– Group companies, as specified in the preceding section, in order to respond to User requests and consultations. This could imply international transfer of data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), some of which may not be considered by the European Commission as having a level of data protection equivalent to the level of protection in EEA.

– Internet users, through publication of User comments on the Blog, if user details are provided therefor.

2.4 How is data treatment authorized?

The legal basis for the use and/or sharing of details as explained above is User consent.

Details collected will be held on file for the following periods of time, and for the number of years required for complying with any relevant legal obligations, where applicable:

– Users submitting requests and/or questions: the time required for responding thereto.

– Users subscribing to alerts/newsletters: until a request for cancellation is received from the User.

– Users registered on the Blog or App: until a request for cancellation is received from the User.

2.6 What are your rights in relation to the information provided?

  •  Users have the right to access all personal details held, transfer such details, request a correction if required, or delete all details if, amongst other reasons, such information is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.
  • Under certain circumstances, Users may i) request restriction on the usage of their personal details, in which case the COMPANY will keep such details on file only for the purposes of exercising or responding to any possible claims; ii) oppose the treatment of details for personal reasons, in which case we will cease to use such data, unless for compliance with our legal obligations or exercising or responding to claims.
  • In order to exercise any rights in relation to data protection, or to revoke any consents given, the User must send an application in writing to FERROVIAL, S.A., C/Príncipe de Vergara 135, specifying “Data Protection” as a reference.
  • Users may file a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (https://www.agpd.es), in particular if they fail to obtain satisfaction in the exercise of any rights herein. Additionally, and in relation to Ferrovial Group companies in Spain, or Group companies using personal details in Spain, Users may contact our Data Protection Officer by email at dpd@ferrovial.com or by post at C/Príncipe de Vergara 135, 28002 – Madrid.

Users may also request cancellation as a registered user of or subscriber to any of our newsletters and / or alerts by sending an email to web@ferrovial.com.

3. California

California Consumer Privacy Act

NOTICE: California Consumer Privacy Act

For more information:

  • 855.219.6075
  • CCPA@ferrovialservices.com