AUG 17, 2018
Ontario (Canada)

Ferrovial Services provides long term asset maintenance services, including summer and winter maintenance, in both the North Bay and the Sault Ste. Marie areas of Ontario, Canada.

The two projects cover a total of 2,645 miles (4,262 kilometers) of urban and rural roadways, including sections of Highway 11 and Highway 17, part of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Ferrovial Services provides all personnel and equipment required across these contracts, including 94 snow plows.

  • The scope of services includes providing summer maintenance such as maintenance of road surface, shoulders, and roadside features; electrical systems maintenance; pavement markings and symbols; data collection of pavement distress, traffic, and culverts; selected capital improvement; and winter maintenance.
  • Winter maintenance services completed within harsh and often challenging conditions:
    • Temperatures range between -15°C to 25°C
    • Average number of 85 snow days per winter season
    • Close vicinity to Lake Superior leading to intense bands of precipitation and large amounts of snow fall, or what is called the “lake effect”