AUG 17, 2018
Miami (Florida)

The Port Miami Tunnel provides a vehicular connection between Watson Island and Dodge Island, running beneath the main shipping channel in Biscayne Bay providing direct access to Port Miami.

The approximate length of the project is two miles, with the 2 tunnels themselves being just less than 1 mile in length. Ferrovial Services is the Lead Operator for MAT Concessionaire to deliver Operations, Maintenance and Rehabilitation/Renewal services for the 30 year operations period.

  • The scope of work includes tunnel operations through our fully staffed 24/7 Traffic Control Center and maintenance repair and rehabilitation of all tunnel assets including structures and drainage inspections.
  • Providing operations and maintenance services for lighting, ITS including CCTV, metering lights, video incident detection, linear heat detection, deluge systems, ventilation, and all tunnel systems and traffic incident maintenance.
  • Management Services include permit compliance, indoor air quality, drainage transfer station, sanitary sewer and drainage pond discharge.
  • Customer Relations Unit that includes customer call center, website maintenance and social media.