JAN 13, 2019

We provide asset management services for Osceola County on West 192, the “Gateway to Disney,” and are responsible for maintaining the resort style look and feel of the corridor.

Ferrovial Services has supported Osceola County and the BeautiVacation District since 2002 by maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, safe, and efficient system for its businesses, citizens and visitors.

Our services include:

  • Enhanced and ornamental landscaping (the county equivalent of BOLD) services include mowing, fertilizer management, herbicide and pesticide application, tree trimming, hedging, tree and plant removal and installation, mulching, debris removal, irrigation, litter removal, graffiti removal;
  • Incident response;
  • Traffic management; and
  • Maintenance of decorative paved sidewalks and benches, overhead sign structures, and guide markers.