JAN 13, 2019

Ferrovial Services maintains and operates 110 lane miles and 70 bridges of the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway system.

We are responsible for:

  • Fence-to-fence maintenance and operations of S.R. 618, Brandon Parkway (S.R. 628), Lakewood Drive, Brandon Main Street, Pauls Drive Connector, and Meridian Avenue;
  • Toll road asset maintenance services, including roadway and roadside maintenance, traffic services, vegetation and aesthetics, drainage, bridge and structure maintenance, and emergency response;
  • Asset maintenance including enhanced and bold landscaping services;
  • Enhanced and ornamental landscaping services include mowing, fertilizer management, herbicide and pesticide application, tree trimming and hedging, tree and plant removal and replacement, mulching, debris removal, and water management services.

The project runs through the middle of downtown Tampa, connecting the municipality of Brandon to South Tampa and includes the Tampa River Walk and Selmon Greenway. It is a highly visible area due to continuous activities downtown and Amalie Arena.

Our level of service is governed by a requirement of 90 on the MRP, which we have exceeded for the duration of the project. We operate with zero penalties and have incurred no lost time injuries during the life of the contract.