AUG 17, 2018
Washington D.C. and Alaska

Ferrovial Services operates and maintains 17 tunnels throughout the Washington D.C. street network as well as a 2.6-mile Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, a single-bore combination train and vehicle tunnel near Anchorage, Alaska.

These contracts have been under Ferrovial Services operations since 2007 and 2000 respectively.

  • Medium to long term performance based maintenance contracts including incident and emergency response
  • Scope of services throughout the network includes toll collection and administration, bi-directional train/vehicle passage control, computer controlled system and vehicle management, and maintenance and operations as well as programming, calibrating, repair and installation of SCADA communication loops to include fiber optics, PLCs, digital and analog telephone, and environmental control systems
  • Emergency response relating to structural, mechanical, and electrical systems
  • Operate 24/7 private fire department to provide initial emergency fire/rescue and emergency medical response, including advanced vehicle extraction