Our company operates in North America as Ferrovial Services in the infrastructure industry and as TIMEC and HRI in oil and gas. We operate mainly in the states of California, Florida and Texas, as well as Ontario (Canada). At Ferrovial Services, we firmly support workplace safety and consider both innovation and operational excellence to be key to our business.

Ferrovial Services North America is a business line of Ferrovial. Since its foundation in 1952, Ferrovial has become one of the leading infrastructure and services operators, committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Ferrovial Services contributes to sustainable development on the geographical areas where it operates by designing and providing solutions that are efficient, both economically and environmentally, for the comprehensive maintenance of infrastructures and, the implementation of the circular economy model. Visit the Ferrovial Services corporate website for the most up-to-date information on the company, as well as the main news on our activity: www.ferrovialservicios.com/en

Ferrovial Services is an innovative solutions and service provider with a broad range of critical and integrated services. Our company has proven capacity for managing complex projects, a strong presence in stable, growing economies, extensive differentiated and transferable capabilities and a clear focus on operational excellence through continuous efficiency improvement.