Ferrovial Services is committed to innovation as a key element to drive the transformation of infrastructures and oil & gas, offering solutions that contribute to the wellbeing and development of society in an efficient, safe, and sustainable manner.

Innovation is one of Ferrovial Services’s five defining values through which we wish to make a difference, offering solutions to society’s current challenges and anticipating the future. One of the aims of the company is to extend innovation to all its employees, such that it does not become an activity exclusive to innovation departments, but rather that it permeates the whole organization to create a culture which stimulates creativity and transformation.

Innovation is a strategic tool used to generate value for clients, shareholders, and employees, offering solutions in the infrastructures and services sectors which contribute to the wellbeing and development of society as a whole in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner.

Our innovation strategy is driven by the company’s executive management and aims to facilitate innovation activity within the company.

The framework for action is as follows:

  • Offer solutions for innovation challenges in priority areas.
  • Drive a culture of innovation: through idea-generating programs, intrapreneurship, training programs, communications.
  • Make innovation a systematic process.
  • Develop an open ecosystem, mobilizing the necessary resources.
  • Develop projects which generate value for clients, employees, and company.
    • We, therefore, strive to create a culture of innovation to promote the generation of ideas which can be transformed into projects to provide added value, thereby helping to improve competitiveness and/or create new business opportunities.
    • The culture of innovation materializes by means of training in innovation techniques and processes through various programs organized together with Ferrovial’s corporate university, an open space for acquiring knowledge, sharing experiences and building relations within the company.

To learn more about Ferrovial Services’ innovation projects in urban services: www.ferrovial.com/innovation

Centers of Excellence

At Ferrovial Services we have the objective of developing knowledge and of placing new capabilities at our customers’ disposal. This is why we have created multidisciplinary teams specializing in their respective areas as a key instrument for present and future development. Each working group is dedicated to knowledge gathering in one of the following key spheres for the company’s development.

Work groups include: cities, environment, asset management, energy and facilities management, and natural resources.

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