Health and safety is a key factor for achieving operational excellence. Ferrovial Services constantly strives to create risk-free workplaces for all.


To create safe, harm-free workplaces and operations for everyone, every day.

We are committed to achieving our vision. Our safety principles set out our fundamental requirements to promote a consistent and positive health and safety culture.


  • Compliance: We comply with applicable legislation and standards in effect, with a focus on best practices when reasonably practicable.
  • Risk assessment and planning: We implement a reliable process of hazard and risk assessment of our activities in all of our work sites, thereby driving robust planning, organization, and control measures that move us towards a harm-free environment.
  • Effective and consistent communication: We facilitate channels of communication to encourage everyone to contribute positively to our health and safety performance, promoting a safety culture across North America.
  • Training and involvement: We provide suitable resources and tools for improving the competence of our employees so they are aware of the risks related to their roles and functions.
  • Resource allocation: We establish and maintain effective health and safety management systems, including appropriate human and material resources to provide safe working conditions.
  • H&S across our supply chain: We pay appropriate attention to the supply chain, by implementing health and safety conditions as selection criteria for suppliers and business partners.
  • Measuring and monitoring performance: We monitor, measure, and report health and safety performance on a regular and consistent basis. We investigate incidents in order to prevent recurrences.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation: We continually improve our performance by setting objectives and measuring the outcomes of these on a regular basis. We explore improvements through innovation to mitigate workplace and operational hazard and risk.

Ferrovial Services North America is a business line of Ferrovial.